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Today’s Junior Scientist Power Hour is all about ladies and their weird periods! What are periods? We don’t really know. But you can always tell when a woman is on her period because she has opinions that men don’t like, and sometimes they get mad!

It’s not like women get mad any other times, or that even if a woman is on her period, you should still listen to the words she says and not write them off as “crazy uterus talk”

EDIT: There have been concerns that this post is cissexist, as not only women can have periods, and not all women have periods. But the problem I’m talking about here is people who cis-men see as someone who would have a period, which includes trans* women and cis women who don’t even have periods. It’s a way for dudes to tell all of us to shut up, not just people who do have periods.

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Moebius (Jean Giraud)


Moebius (Jean Giraud)

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